If you are an independent testing center or training provider and would like to include your clients in the eCPRverify national registry, please write to us using the form below. The inclusion fee will vary based on several factors such as the number of records in your current database, the volume of new records expected each month, and the frequency of updates.

Registry Opt-Out
If you are a certified CPR professional and do not wish to be included in eCPRverify's registry, please contact the provider where you received your CPR certification and request to opt-out. At our next scheduled update, we will automatically receive your opt-out request directly from your provider and remove you from eCPRverify's registry. This will ensure that you name will not be added again in a future update. If you are unable to contact your provider, please write to us so that we can remove your name manually. Manual processing may take additional time. Please keep in mind that there may be others with the same name as you. This does not necessarily indicate that you are the person named in this registry.